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root@DD-WRT:~# nvram show | grep forward_port forward_port66=37084-37084>,udp,on,Skype UDP at (2587) forward_port67=37084-37084>,tcp,on,Skype TCP at (2587)… more »
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By opening System Settings > Displays you can change your "primary" screen by dragging the black little bar to the display you want and hit the Apply button. ( from Copy the… more »


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My 3D scan from the Beginner 3D workshop I took at Hot Pop Factory rendered on the web using Verold's HTML 5 3D web tools. more »


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I have been looking around trying to figure out if it's possible to stream the 2014 NCAA March Madness tournament in Canada with out any success. TSN broadcast the tournament in 2012 but it doesn't look like there are any Canadian broadcasters this year… more »


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You just have to love the good old CBC. They are going all out in their coverage of the 2014 Olympics offering apps for iPhone and Android and streaming online so Canadian Olympic hockey fans should have no trouble watching both the mens and womens Olym… more »

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