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A worthwhile read on why you should not be running sshd in your container https://jpetazzo.github.io/2014/06/23/docker-ssh-considered-evil/
Difference between RUN, CMD and ENTRYPOINT http://goinbigdata.com/docker-run-vs-cmd-vs-entrypoint/

Remove stopped containers: docker container prune
Run with volume mapping: docker run -v /outside_path7:/inside_path image_name ( add /bin/bash at the end to override the Dockerfile and add -it )
List all containers: docker container ls -all
List images: docker images
Remove image: docker rmi image_name
Export image as tarfile: docker save -o tarfile.tar image_name
Load exported image: docker load -i image.tar (This command works much better than import as it creates a container as part of the loading)
Update image with changes: docker commit container_name image_name
Update image with Dockerfile: docker build -t image_name .


FROM image_name
USER run_as_user
WORKDIR /home/user/directory
CMD run_this_command


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I installed Centos 7 on an HP Stream which has too small of a drive to allow you to update Windows 10. Everything went well until I tried to connect to the network via wifi. The wifi connected but really didn't work. lspci shows that the machine uses a Realtek RTL8723BE PCIe Wireless Network Adapter.

Some Googling led me to https://askubuntu.com/questions/883673/rtl8723be-wifi-incredibly-weak on askubuntu.com. Running the following command as root and rebooting fixed the problem.
#sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/rtl8723be.conf <<< "options rtl8723be ant_sel=1"

Recently I upgraded my kernel and ran into weak wifi again, I edited /etc/modprobe.d/rtl8273be.conf and changed ant_sel=1 to ant_sel=2 and everything was fine again.


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After updating my media center I couldn't get the Yatse remote control app. on my android phone to work. After giving up and installing the official Kodi remote app. I did some looking around and realized that in Yatse host settings use event server was checked on the advanced tab. Unchecking that setting fixed the problem

Evidently the firewall on my media server was blocking that port which caused the remote to stop working when I upgraded my OS.


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Created with one ls command, one vi command and the following two ffmpeg commands:

Save the names of the dashcam files to another file
ls *.avi > files


add the word file in front of each of the filenames so ffmeg can parse the input file
vi files
:1,$s/^/file /
ZZ (saves the file and exits)

file MOVI8642.avi
file MOVI8643.avi
file MOVI8644.avi
file MOVI8645.avi
file MOVI8646.avi
file MOVI8647.avi
file MOVI8648.avi
file MOVI8649.avi
file MOVI8650.avi
file MOVI8651.avi

Put the files together and speed them up
ffmpeg -f concat -i files -filter:v "setpts=0.0166*PTS" -an TtoOfast.mp4

Add music
ffmpeg -i TtoOfast.mp4 -i ~/Downloads/Curse\ of\ the\ Scarab.mp3 -codec copy -shortest TtoOfast_m.mp4


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Moving a window above the top bar in Gnome 3 classic shell

Trying to move a window up to click a button that's off the button because your screen is to small? Before Gnome 3 the Alt ley was the one to hold down while dragging the window. With Gnome 3 they key you need to use has changed to the Windows key which for some reason Gnome calls the Super key instead of the Windows key. On Centos 7 the firewall configuration GUI isn't shown in settings. It's the application that I needed to move up to adjust on my laptop as shown in the screenshot at the beginning of this post.


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