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Things To Do During Self-Isolation

March 17th, 2020


I had no intention of starting a blog about this stuff, but Facebook forced my hand. A couple days ago, I started to see several wonderful resources pop up in various places - offers of free streaming events like operas and concerts, educational and game sites for children and virtual tours ranging from museums and zoos all over the world to Wonders of the World, like the Great Wall of China. I decided to start curating these things as I saw them to create a go-to place for my friends and family; something that they could do during the long days of self-isolation.  Unfortunately, Facebook seems to think all of these posts are contributing spam to their community and have blocked them all.  I'm sure it's just that something is malfunctioning there, since I've also heard that posts about the COVID-19 virus linking to Government of Canada have also been flagged as spam, but in the meantime I think that if even only one of my friends finds some escape from the overwhelming, scary nightmare that is COVID-19, then I'd like to make it available to them. Enjoy!