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Created with one ls command, one vi command and the following two ffmpeg commands: Save the names of the dashcam files to another file ls *.avi > files MOVI8642.avi MOVI8644.avi MOVI8645.avi MOVI8646.avi MOVI8647.avi MOVI8648.avi MOVI8649.avi add the… more »


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Moving a window above the top bar in Gnome 3 classic shell
Trying to move a window up to click a button that's off the button because your screen is to small? Before Gnome 3 the Alt ley was the one to hold down while dragging the window. With Gnome 3 they key you need to use has changed to the Windows key which… more »


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Enter the following command on your local machine (machine_A): ssh user@remote_machine -L 5900:localhost:5900 "x11vnc -display :0 -noxdamage" then run vncviewer and use localhost as the server to connect to and you should see the remote machine's… more »


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If you find that after pairing your Xbox 360 controller connects and disconnects repeatably after pairing try the following command more »


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Evidently sometimes Windows 10 will add a partition when upgrading which means grub can't find it's config file. To fix this you can boot using the Centos 7 install DVD into rescue mode. You need to choose the boot option that matches whatever version… more »


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