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I meet up with the Grey Cup yet again
I had an opportunity to see 100th Grey Cup train at it's last stop in Toronto today. While there I met up with my old friend the Grey Cup. more »


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Christina, My Favourite Argos Cheerleader
Sadly Christina retired from the cheer leading squad a few years ago but came back for the August 4th, 2011 Argos Cheerleader alumni show. I ran into her at Joe Badali's after the game and we had a nice chat. She was also gracious enough to let me take… more »


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Miss Late July at the Gladstone, April 2011
PhotoJunkie introduces Miss Late July before her performance at Tweetgasm v1.8 at the Gladstone Hotel



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Many months ago I heard someone on Twit talk about registering IMet"insert name here" to make it easier to find their site. It sounded like a cool idea so I immediately registered This blog is where I post pictures and comments on my occasional brushes with famous people or pictures of other things I find interesting.


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