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Three Argos Cheerleaders in Moncton

I was waiting outside of the washroom at The Old Triangle, the Argo's home away from home bar in Moncton when they these three ladies walked up to me and convinced me to buy a deck of the Argo's Cheerleader playing cards. Either I have to stop bending over when people take pictures of me or the Argos need to recruit taller Cheerleaders.


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Mike "Pinball" Clemons at the Argos Fan corn roast

It took me a while to get this post published because for an inexplicable reason the picture didn't show up. I've had a chance to meet Mike "Pinball Clemons many times during my association with the Argonotes but the recent Argos fan corn roast (actually a corn boil) was the first opportunity I took to have a picture taken with Pinball. He is a great guy who always has time to talk with the fans, especially the kids.


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