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My brush with the famous, I Tweetup with Levar Burton


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A few weeks ago Leva Burton appeared as a guest on TWIT. He impressed me with his serious geek cred so I decided to follow him on Twitter. Earlier today he tweeted that he was heading off to Toronto and contemplating a Tweetup. I've admired his work for many years so I set up a group on Tweetdeck so I could monitor his Tweets in case he got a Tweetup organized in Toronto. About 4:15 Tweetdeck chimed out and informed me that a Tweetup was planned for 5:15 at Hemingway's in Yorkdale. I had no camera, I was not prepared. I grabbed my coat, waited patiently while the guys in the back found me a digital camera I could use then I jumped in the car and headed downtown. The TTC didn't let me down and other than the mistake of getting off at St. George instead of the Museum stop and the bone chilling walk to the bar I made it pretty much on time. Levar was great, chatting with people, taking pictures with the many fans who showed up and generally being as gracious as one would expect. This was his first attempt at a Tweetup and I think he found the Toronto Twitterers to be sane and reasonable people. My fawning fan pics are below.



I almost forgot to add that I met some really nice new people to follow during the Tweetup.

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Comment from: Jakob [Visitor]

Awesome. We were there too. It?s neat reading everone?s takes on the night. Here?s our podcast concerning the evening (somewhat NSFW):


03/18/09 @ 14:17

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