World Cup 2014 streaming in Canada

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As it did for the Women's World Cup in 2011 and the Confederation Cup in 2013 CBC is again offering live streaming of all the 2014 World Cup soccer games from Brazil at During the first 10 days of the tournament there are 3 games a day, at noon, 3 and 6 (eastern) which will certainly be a bonanza for sports bars in Canada as football fans cheer on their favourite teams. I expect there will be lots of long football lunches taken in Ontario and points east. A quick check of the internet shows that bars in British Columbia can open at 9 a.m. I'm not sure about the opening hours in Alberta but Manitoba appears to have an 11 a.m. opening time as Ontario does which makes for a very civilized soccer watching experience unlike the early morning games we experienced with the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. As the tournament progresses games move to noon and 4. The semifinal games go off at 4 with the championship game at 3 p.m way off on July 13th.

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