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Unlike last year when there was a pay per view offering TSN is not live streaming any of the 2014 world junior games. Wiziwig.tv says it will live stream the games at http://www.wiziwig.tv/competition.php?part=sports&competitionid=158&discipline=icehockey, unfortunately they are one of those sketchy sites that has lots of confusing ads over the videos. What ever yo do don't install any software that they will suggest will imporve your viewing experience. Tsn.ca is offering "video on demand" replays of the games at http://www.tsn.ca/videohub/Default.aspx?collection=181&show=211605&section=Sports.

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Updated with information for 2014 World Junior Hockey championship tournament

The 2014 World Junior hockey championship tournament will be held Dec. 26 2013 - Jan 5 2014. For 2013 TSN is not offering any live streaming coverage. Wiziwig.tv says it will live stream the games at http://www.wiziwig.tv/competition.php?part=sports&competitionid=158&discipline=icehockey but I can't check out whether this is true or not until the tournament starts. Tsn.ca is offering streaming video replays of the games at http://www.tsn.ca/videohub/Default.aspx?collection=181&show=211605&section=Sports

The 2013 World Junior hockey championship tournament will be held Dec. 20 2012 - Jan 5 2013. For 2012 TSN is offering Pay Per View live streaming of all games for people living in Canada at http://worldjuniors.tsn.ca/tsn/. Individual games are priced at $3.99 or you can pay $19.99 for a package of all the games.

The 2011 World Junior hockey tournament will be held Dec. 26 2011 - Jan 5 2012. For 2011 the TSN.ca live streaming schedule can be found at http://www.tsn.ca/canadian_hockey/feature/?id=11970. Unfortunately unlike last year only a selection of 2011 junior hockey games will be streamed live. My hope for the continuation of the live streaming of all of the junior hockey games that occurred last year sadly did not come to pass. If you can wait and not check the score TSN.ca will also provide online-only streaming of all games being broadcast on TSN and TSN2 shortly after the live broadcasts have concluded.

(info from 2010)
Finally TSN is offering live streaming of a sports event. Thanks to sponsorship TSN is offering live streaming of all the games of the World Junior Hockey tournament. Not only are they live streaming the games but you can also watch any games you might have missed archived on the same page. Though this post is a little late in the game past experience may mean that many people didn't bother to go to the TSN website to see if web streaming was available for the tournament.

I hope that this is the beginning of a trend for TSN to offer more live junior hockey streaming in the future.


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Looking for a place to do your laundry in Sauble Beach? The bad news is that Sauble Beach doesn't have a laundromat. The worse news is that a Google search for Sauble Beach laundromat gives the yellow page listing that suggest you drive to Owen Sound when the closest laundromat is actually in Wiarton. To get there drive north on the Sauble Falls Parkway until you reach Bruce Road 13. Turn right and travel 10 km to Wiarton where you turn right onto Berford street. The coin operated laundromat is at 635 Berford Street which is on the east side of the street.

To help you find the laundromat watch for Cocoa Vanilla, the cafe next door. It's a good place to drop in for a coffee and a sandwich while you wait for your washing.


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The short answer is that Canadian golf fans are out of luck if they want to watch live streaming of the 2013 Canadian Open from Glen Abbey. Golf Channel subscribers is the US can log in at http://stream.golfchannel.com/ but Canadians are out of luck.

Looks like TSN in letting Canadian golf fans down again this year unless they subscribe to TSN mobile TV which is only available on the Bell Mobility network.


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TSN is offering live streaming of the 2013 Wimbledon tennis tournament starting at 7 a.m. eastern and 4 a.m, Pacific on June 24th. Coverage continues starting at 7 a.m. each day until July 3rd, at least that what TSN shows on their streaming schedule. I'm not sure why they aren't streaming the semifinals and the championship games for the men and women finalists, maybe sending an email to TSN and asking them might be a good idea. Maybe TSN figures that when it comes to the semi's and the finals that Canadian tennis fans are better off watching on a real TV. TSN hasn't published the link to the stream yet, when they do I'll update the fans. Be ready to go to bed early if you plan to get up and watch the early morning coverage before heading off to work. For those of you who are Bell subscribers you can watch TSN on your smartphone or tablets with the TSN mobile TV app.

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