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Bye, bye Rogers Yahoo email. Hello Gmail


  02:22:57 am by wdawe, Categories: whine, EEEPC , Tags: gmail, rogers, yahoo

I took my ISP, Rogers to task back in August for hijacking DNS lookup errors and replacing them with a sponsored search page. Image my displeasure this morning when I fired up my Rogers Yahoo web based email and found a large garish ad on the right side of the page. After we had two computers in the house it became more convenient to use webmail so I could access my email from any computer. That was a few years ago and it has worked out well until now. When I got the EEEPC using the Rogers Yahoo webmail client was a bit difficult because of the smaller screen size but it was still usable. With ads it's totally hosed.

I have had a Gmail account for a while but never really used it. Today I decided to change that and drink the Google Koolaid. Gmail is very EEEPC friendly and their ads are much less obtrusive thsn Yaahoo's garish Flash based monstrosities. I have included a couple of EEEPC screenshots below to show the contrast.

I really should thank Roger's Yahoo for making me upset enough to overcome my inertia. I do wonder why Rogers didn't let us know that this change was coming in advance, I bet they didn't think people would be happy about it. If you are also a disgruntled Rogers Yahoo email user Gmail provides a very nice Mailfetcher utility that will suck all your old Yahoo mail in for you.

(updated Nov. 17th) Things became a bit clearer today when I found this Paidcontent.org story on Forbes.com. Turns out Rogers and Yahoo agreed to shift from a fee based deal to a revenue sharing model. Yahoo and Rogers will split revenue that Yahoo can get for advertising to Rogers customers. This probably means that we can expect to see more ads popping up on Rogers Yahoo cobranded properties. My guess, the Flickr Pro accounts we have been enjoying are next. updated May 15th 2009 As predicted our free Flickr pro accounts will soon be history, see the post for a handy tool for downloading your pictures from Flickr.

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Comment from: Drew [Visitor]

gmail will actually let you use it as the mail exchanger for a whole domain if you like. That is, my “awh.org” email is actually hosted by gmail, without any other mail servers or forwarding services. It’s worth looking in to for your wdawe.com email…

11/15/08 @ 02:45

To stop the ads from loading, just add the following lines to your hosts file: ad.yieldmanager.com yieldmanager.com

…and bye-bye ads. You might also load the entire anti-spyware, adware hosts file from MVPS while you’re at it and keep safe!

11/15/08 @ 05:51
Comment from: Roger [Visitor]

I have exactly the same issue on the EEEPC. Telephoned “ROGERS” and asked how to remove. Tech Support stated Ad’s could not be removed, further stated that they’ve had numerous complaints already(9:00am).

PS: Large AD on the right hand side can be hidden, small arrow on panel separating web page from Ad, however Ad will return with REFRESH or changing pages.

11/15/08 @ 18:52
Comment from: Ready to scream [Visitor]

I share the shock and dismay of others. I immediately wrote to Rogers, and here’s their response:

–> start quote

Rogers and Yahoo! have jointly introduced advertising content to the
Rogers Yahoo! Mail service. As you may know, advertising content is
commonly included in other popular mail services.

If you prefer not to see any advertisements, you have two options:

1. Use a local (POP3) mail application (such as MS Outlook Express). In
order to setup MS Outlook, Express or Vista Mail, please visit
http://rogershelp.com/ocf and select the tab “One Click Fixes".

2. Setup your mail application manually via all common “POP3″ mail
applications, for more information visit http://rogershelp.com/pop

Your feedback regarding this feature is greatly appreciated.

–> end quote

Sounds a bit like a canned response (surprised?). I hope others are outraged.

First off, other popular mail services get away with this garbage because they are free; hard to complain about something when you pay nothing for it. Rogers Yahoo mail, on the other hand, comes as part of the high premium we pay for internet service. That’s what galls the most.

Their solutions hardly seem sincere. They raise more questions than they answer, and as I understand it, I’ll lose the ability to keep messages on their server (thus allowing me safer back-up, more storage space, and the advantage of accessing from anywhere).

I will take Rogers_Yahoo_oh_well ’s advice and hope for the best. And one more thing I’ll be comparing competitors’ against is, do they waste screen space with ads in email? I’m mad enough to switch if the answer is no.

11/15/08 @ 20:47
Comment from: Andrew [Visitor]

Where do you find the hosts file to stop the ad?

11/16/08 @ 21:43
Comment from: Dorothy [Visitor]

The best thing you can do as a Rogers customer is send an e-mail complaint and follow up by calling and threatening to cancel your account.

11/17/08 @ 00:06
Comment from: Enrico [Visitor]

The hosts file in Windows XP is located:

Open the “hosts” file in Notebook, and add: ad.yieldmanager.com yieldmanager.com

This will remove the ads on the right side, but it doesn’t stop the page from being made smaller from the right hand side…. but at least you aren’t bombarded by ads!!

11/17/08 @ 14:20
Comment from: GPrice [Visitor]

Enrico, great info, thanks.

I’d like to add to Enrico’s info with this:
To add a complete update of hosts to your “hosts” file in XP C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc go to http://www.mvps.org/winhelp2002/hosts.htm and copy and paste the complete list of hosts from the “hosts.txt” file at this site. Vista info is at this site also.

For For Firefox 1.5, Thunderbird 1.5, SeaMonkey 1.0, Flock 0.5, Songbird 0.4., install the addon Adblock Plus at
This does a nice job of blocking the Rogers-Yahoo Ads in their email.

11/17/08 @ 16:08
Comment from: Ryan [Visitor]

As “Ready to scream” said, the issue is that this isn’t a “Free” service. The Yahoo! alliance is a prominent feature in most of Rogers promotional material.

$50 a month should get me ad free access. Hopefully there are enough complaints to get some real response from Rogers….but I won’t hold my breath.

11/17/08 @ 18:40
Comment from: Barbara Osborne [Visitor]

I’m a Verizon customer and pay for my service which includes Yahoo mail and have called Verizon to complain about the annoying side ads that squeeze my e-mail box. Having to click on the arrow each time to get rid of the ad for that particular e-mail only is infuriating. I have been thinking of switching to Comcast but have to check out their ad situation first.

11/17/08 @ 19:23
Comment from: Grateful Visitor [Visitor]

Thanks GPrice. The adblock plus worked well.
I just switched over to firefox last week and this mail crap started. I complained to Rogers and I got the same standard response that other mail services were doing the same thing. I wonder if the other mail services decided to jump off a bridge, would Ted Rogers and his team do the same thing. P.S. Great blog.

11/18/08 @ 04:04
Comment from: GPrice [Visitor]

Hi All,

To recap my message to block the Rogers/Yahoo Email Ads. The best solution in my opinion (if you still want to use the Rogers/Yahoo Mail Login) is to use Firefox http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/ and go to the add-ons https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/search?q=adblock+plus&cat=all
enter the search for “adblock plus” and install it to your Firefox, then login to your Rogers/Yahoo Email and bingo! The ads are gone.
If you are an Internet Explorer user then Enrico’s solution works (see his blog). But Enrico has mentioned, quote, “This will remove the ads on the right side, but it doesn’t stop the page from being made smaller from the right hand side…. but at least you aren’t bombarded by ads!!", unquote.
Both work, but it’s not letting Rogers/Yahoo know that we are not happy customers.


11/19/08 @ 15:13
Comment from: Scudder [Visitor]

When will enough be enough?

I pay Roger Cable for internat and email service, this comes with an email homepage. Now Rogers is double-dipping (as if they are not already making enough) by renting space on my page to advertisers. Imagine if your landlord hung an ad for toilet paper in your bathroom without either your consent or an arrangement for sharing the profits the landlord is to receive.

I doubt if Rogers would allow you or I to use anything they own or rent in order to make money without receiving their share of the profits.

I sent them a bill for advertising on my email homepage. Not a snowball’s chance in hell of receiving payment, but worth doing.

I am sick and tired of the greed of these corporations!

12/01/08 @ 15:35
Comment from: Dougj [Visitor]

maybe its time the complaints went straight to the Rogers president instead of the call
center clones in India. Anyone have an email address for that??

12/06/08 @ 23:39
Comment from: ali g [Visitor]

ya, it used to be ted.rogers@rogers.com
but then he switched to ted.rogers@gmail.com to avoid all the ads!

dont hold your breath for a reply

12/09/08 @ 19:21
Comment from: Tom Gifford [Visitor]

I have found a solution to the ads in my Yahoo/Rogers email.

I paid Yahoo to upgrade to Yahoo Plus Mail. This cost me 19.99 USD and all ads disappeared immediately and my full email page was restored.

I then called the Retention Department at Rogers and they gave me discounts off my bill to compensate for the 25 dollar Canadian yearly fee for the Yahoo Plus Mail service.

12/23/08 @ 15:20
Comment from: Scooter [Visitor]

Thanks GPrice for the Firefox fix!

Just got off the phone with ‘John’ from the Office-of-the-President at Rogers. He gave same story about not being able to get around ads. Acted like he didn’t know about Yahoo Plus Mail option and was PO’d when I suggested that Roger reimburse me for the cost of the Yahoo Plus.

People need to keep hammering Rogers on this. I sent an email to internet support and cc’d:
terrie.tweddle@rci.rogers.com; jhaitsma@rci.rogers.com

Received a phone call from the Office-of-the-President within 2 hours!

No solution from Rogers but it seems like we’re getting their attention.

12/30/08 @ 19:04
Comment from: Sumi Aota [Visitor]

What ads? Certainly as of this date (Jan 3, 2009) there are no ads showing up on my display. There is that annoying news item box, but as soon as you switch to inbox, just your messates display. No, I am not on Yahoo!Plus

01/03/09 @ 14:20
Comment from: wdawe [Member]

Maybe they put you on the Yahoo!Plus list by accident.

01/03/09 @ 22:21
Comment from: kevin phipps [Visitor]

Rogers is becoming very annoying somehow they know about my other emails with google & are pestering me with bull about security & how thongs are changing so I type tell me later but I’d rather tell them where to go, but that is not provided. Rogers is always rude if you can get to a rep that is human. Rogers is also rude when it comes to any question asked by me , ever so politely I may add at any of their stores. Please let AT&T come up & wipe them out. I may soon switch all of my mail to google. thankyou for this web site. bye for now.

09/23/09 @ 19:36
Comment from: Comcast Deals [Visitor]

True that, I’ve been trying to get through for weeks, weeks man…

11/08/09 @ 07:36
Comment from: Cathy [Visitor]

Rogers doesn’t care at all about our comfort. Quite smugly, I was told that I would be hard pressed to find a website without advertising. I pay for this service and do not expect advertising. I now have to scroll sideways to read my emails because of the persistent ad on the right hand side of my email page.
Today, I wrote to the advertisiner. I have now advised Crest toothpaste and Olay, both P&G products that I will never again purchase their products and that I am asking all my friends to support me in this and to stop purchasing their products.

10/15/11 @ 17:27
Comment from: mickeyobe [Visitor]

I just spent a lot of time typing a comment.

I hit “send comment” without answering the “Zack” question although I can not see how it is at all relevant to the subject.

My comment did not go through and I could not retrieve it.
I will not attempt to recreate it.

Can I get it back and resend or is it lost forever?

12/27/11 @ 14:12
Comment from: fib fract [Visitor]

do how do i, can i, redirect my incoming rogers yahoo email messages to my gmail account?

Is it done through the rogers yahoo or gmail side or both?


04/12/14 @ 18:56

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