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  04:40:26 am by wdawe, Categories: General , Tags: linux, video
Until WebcamStudio came along Linux webcam users could only look longingly at the neat effects available to Windows users with WebcamMax. Even if you don't have a webcam you can use the desktop capture functionality to help with how to videos. WebcamStud… more »


  07:43:03 pm by wdawe, Categories: General , Tags: linux, web
When I was looking around for a replacement for Flickr, I came across Cooliris. Cooliris is a browser plugin that allows you to view pictures in a picture wall style interface on Cooliris enabled websites like Flickr and facebook or on your local compute… more »


  12:53:00 am by wdawe, Categories: centos, linux, EEEPC , Tags: adobe, flash, linux
After saying such nice things about Adobe and Linux with respect to Adobe AIR I found out yesterday that a problem I attributed to my trying to run Flash 10 on the EEEPC is actually a problem on all version of Linux using Flash Player version 10. Here is… more »


  04:31:05 am by wdawe, Categories: General, linux , Tags: cursor, linux, x11
I wanted to modify one of my Xwindows cursors on my Centos 5 Linux system today and after a bit of research found the following article "http://linuxgator.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=303" which goes through the process in great detail, and is a… more »


  12:27:02 am by wdawe, Categories: General, linux , Tags: linux
Some days the heavens open up and a bolt of enlightenment strikes you right between the ears. I work in a mixed Linux and Windows environment and she blurted out "Linux is annoying" or something similar. When I asked her to expand she explained that it a… more »


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