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The Grand MeshU09 and Mesh09 branding experiment


  12:44:57 pm by wdawe, Categories: General

Thanks for taking a chance and joining my grand Mesh09 branding experiment. I'm creating two T-shirts. One with IMetWayne.com on it and one with wdawe.com on it. The first one I'll wear during MeshU09 and the second I'll wear on the first day of Mesh09. I'm curious to see how many people will take a flyer and type in my URL to see what I'm all about based on a T-shirt. Are T-shirts effective marketing tools, or are all those beer shirts I have collected not worth the cotton they are printed on from a marketing perspective? Feel free to add your comments on T-shirt marketing.

Feel free to browse the eclectic content contained herein. This is a blog without a theme. You can also follow me on twitter at twitter.com/wdawe where I promise I will not market, advertise or otherwise take advantage of you.

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