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Two websites that don't get it


  01:55:26 am by wdawe, Categories: whine

I have formally given up on trying to pay my Rogers bill online at Rogers' website. It used to provide as good of a bill paying experience as one could expect. You could postdate your payments using your credit card so you got points on your card. The Rogers made some "improvements" and removed the ability to post date payments. I continued to pay my Rogers bill there to get the points on my credit card. Over the past couple of months they site seems incapable of processing payments. Today everything seemed to work but the payment confirmation page was blank. The same thing occurred last month and I had to go back a couple of days later and try again. I finally gave up and paid the bill at my bank's website. It does give you pause when you ISP can't get their website to work properly.

About a month ago my wife lost her keys including her Esso RF fob for buying gas at Esso. After about a week I decided I better cancel it before I received a huge credit card bill. I went onto the Esso website and clicked around until I found the proper form to use to cancel the fob. I was then asked if I wanted to replace the fob I had reported as missing. Instead of using the information from the old fob it then took me to a page asking for all the information as if I was applying for a new fob. I could see them asking if I wanted to change any of the information from the old fob but makig me enter it all again was too much and I bailed. I figured I'd call them up and get it done over the phone in much less time. So far a month has passed and I haven't bothered. I guess my wife has been buying her gas with her PetroCan fob instead because she hasn't complained. Come on Esso Canada, do a quick usability studies on your website and save me some aggravation.

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